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Eko trade Log Cabins is one of the foremost companies primarily dealing in the wholesale manufacturing of Log Cabins of various kinds.
The Company has its operations at several places of the world, but primarily it deals in the countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Japan and many more.
The Company was founded in the year 1994 and since its foundation it is delivering the excellence in the form of a wide variety of Log Cabins to the whole parts of the World especially in the Europe.

Range of the Products

The Production of the Eko trade Log Cabins extends to various fields in the same niche. The Company is responsible to manufacture several of the Products in the form of the Log Cabins, Wooden European Doors and Windows, Garden Furniture and many more.
The Log Cabins manufactured by the Eko trade Log Cabins offers you the wide variety to choose from e.g. 28/1 Euro log Cabins, 28/2 Euro log Cabins and such Products.
The product manufactured also varies from the range of 28/45/58/70/95/120/160/200mm Cabins. Twin Skin log cabins available in 34+34/45+45/70+70mm wall thickness. Laminated glued log houses availabe in 95/120mm wall thickness.

Quality of the Products

Quality of the Products

The Eko trade Log Cabins assures one most important aspect related to the Log cabins and that is the quality. The quality of the Log Cabins manufactured by Eko trade Log Cabins is the best, which is the assured one.
The quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the Log Cabins is much higher and the Log Cabins manufactured are of High Quality Nordic Timber. The Quality of the Product manufactured by the Eko trade Log Cabins  believes in growing clients and thus believes in the quality and Excellence.

Become a Dealer with Eko trade Log Cabins and become our part

Become a Dealer with Eko trade Log Cabins

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Eko trade Log Cabins, since its establishment, is delivering the quality product all around the world. We are the firm believer of the expansion of the business quality wise.

Vision of the Eko trade Log Cabins

The vision of the company is to have a wide network of its dealers through with the delivery of the excellence to the customers can be achieved all through the world. The Manufacture of Log Cabins is an art which needs to be focused and includes creativity. Thus, we always focus on the better connectivity and better creativity as the construction of these log cabins is now a work of more of a creation in comparison to just adding some manufacturing parts.

Dealers’ opportunities

To be a dealer of the Eko trade Log Cabins, it will be a chance of the lifetime. The dealers of the Eko trade Log Cabins can be given one of the most rewarding opportunities of their lifetime. As, Eko trade Log Cabins is one of the fast paced organization which is fully focused on delivering the best quality Log Cabins and Wooden Houses to the customers, the options with the Dealers are numerous and they have enough of the sky to capture with their true dedication and better quality of service.

What we seek in a dealer

The Eko trade Log Cabins seeks the behavior as we got in our blood. We seek the dedication and trustworthy nature and the urge to deliver the cheapest and best quality wooden products to all the people living in various parts of the Continent and outside of it. We, in fact, are looking for the dealers who can fulfill our dreams to get into every Garden of the each person of the Europe.

If, you really think, you have got that stomach to succeed along with us, you are most welcome to our growing community. Contact us at info@ekotrade.lt and we will reach you in no time.

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